San Francisco is a small city, but each neighborhood is unique in its own way. As a tourist you might visit the Union Square and the Golden Gate Bridge, but SF is so much more than that! If you are moving to SF and trying to figure out where to live, this is for you.

SF Gal’s map of San Francisco neighborhoods grouped by vibe


Breaking down the main areas of San Francisco, the map above groups together neighborhoods by vibe into sixteen main sections.

If you’re new to the city, you can’t go wrong by living in the neighborhoods located in section 10. You would have the best access…

A foggy morning during the Pandemic in Duboce Dog Park, San Francisco — no dogs or people around due to rain.

With the start of vaccine distribution, many people are wondering if and when life in San Francisco will return back to normal after we tackle the COVID-19 pandemic. Personally, I love living in this city and although we pay a premium price for it, I think it is worth staying once social livelihood returns. I’m guessing that by fall or winter of 2021, people will start moving into SF once again.

As a current SF resident, I want others to know there’s more beyond the typical description of San Francisco as a liberal and expensive city full of tech bros…

The living area of my SF studio apartment, all affordably furnished.

You don’t have to break the bank to decorate nicely — a small SF apartment can still be designed well on a budget! Here are my suggestions for furnishing your studio apartment with quality, budget-friendly pieces.

During the pandemic, I moved to a studio apartment in the Richmond district. My apartment is 570 square feet total, which is on the larger side for a studio in SF. Most studios hover around 400–450 square feet. …

Karen Ding

San Francisco lifestyle blogger — all things SF:

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